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DBB Group carries out everything from small to large contracts and overall commitments in carpentry for the entire project. Our customers range from small one-off customers to larger recurring customers with whom we already have a good relationship.
DBB Group was started in 2020 by Donnie Brandamour after having been a partner for 3 years in J.A Berggrens Bygg. DBB Group, together with its partner Sistemi Suhe Gradnje from Croatia, has since the start in July 2020 established itself as a strong player on the construction market in Western Sweden. After the start together with Sistemi Suhe Gradnje and with 14 competent carpenters, we have today grown to 32 carpenters with many years of experience and routine.

Our Services

On a fixed price or running account, we carry out construction contracts where we stand as subcontractor for all carpentry work both in and outside. Our focus today is on the West coast area with the base in Gothenburg, but we also undertake contracts around Sweden depending on the needs of our clients. We work both with new construction, extensions and renovations of properties.

roofing projects

partition walls

plaster work

other construction work

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Our Projects


Torpa Terrassen Gothenburg (Facade, Gypsum contractor)


Arlegatan Gothenburg (Roof, Plasterwork, Windows and balcony doors)


Wieselgrensplatsen (all interior carpentry incl. installation of windows)


Kv. Boländerna Uppsala (Gypsum contracting in the hall)


Attic apartments in Vasa city Stockholm (Gypsum contractor)

Logistic Contractor

Nordic Nest 1 & 2 Kalmar (Gypsum contracting and installation)

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